How To Use Imagery To Get Psyched Up

You can use imagery for a ton of different reasons and the more you practice it, the better you will be at controlling your emotions and thoughts.

Today, I am giving you a script that you can practice so that you can get pumped up, psyched up, and fired up for a WOD or a big lift.

You have just finished your warmup and are now just a few minutes away from the beginning of your WOD or big lift…You feel the heat in your body…Your muscles are ready to go and you feel powerful…You keep your body moving to keep it warm and prepared…You feel your heart beating powerfully in your chest…it is like an engine, ready to keep you going…Blood is pumping fast through your veins…Adrenaline is driving through your body and preparing you for an explosive WOD…Your breathing is deep…strong…yet controlled as you prepare for your upcoming movement…You are alert, strong, awake and in tune with everything your body is doing…You are prepared to use every bit of your energy…Your body is ready…Your mind is ready…You are ready to produce a better performance than ever before…You are fired up, ready to go and feeling alive, invigorated and pumped…You are unstoppable.

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