The Types of Mirrors You Need at Home 

The first mirrors were handheld units that were made of polished obsidian, copper, brass, or gold. The use of glass was recorded in 400 BC for the first time in Lebanon but mirrors were only first truly discovered in Turkey about 6,000 years ago. Since then, the special glass has been produced in countless shapes, sizes, and styles.
Mirrors are great reflectors that can help soften and even diffuse direct light, scattering more natural light around your home depending on its placement. Mirrored walls that stretch as high as your ceiling can make rooms look much longer. They add an air of elegance to any room and they can turn any space into a classy looking hotel-like room.

Framed Mirrors

These are great for people who are into vintage styles since it can give the room a decorative factor. For a simple room with a white wall and a few paintings, a framed mirror can help function as an ornament that is both useful and iconic.


Custom mirror tabletops can add more style to your traditional coffee and makeup tables. It helps accentuate the natural curves of the wooden or metal table and it’s a great addition to any bedroom or living space. Spherical mirrors can be concave or even convex mirrors. Concave mirrors are usually displayed as make-up mirrors and they’re known to magnify objects that are directly in front of them.

Spherical Mirrors

These can be used for entertainment purposes and can make any room look extra cool. If you’ve been to a carnival, spherical mirrors are similar to the house of mirrors. It’s a fun style to place in your living room or even in the kids’ bedrooms.

Leaning Mirrors

For people living in small spaces, a leaning mirror can make your room look larger and more filled up. Decorating the top and side spaces of the plants will make the mirror pop even more and bring in more natural light to your space. There are many designs available that have frames and even ones that are transparent. This little hack is a great addition for anyone who wants their room to look more spacious and wide.

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