You get dog people and you get cat people. Wrong. Sometimes you get both! For both cat and dog lovers out there, being forced to choose between them is pure evil. But can get these two furry friends get along? Of course, they can. If you’re looking to expand the family with some new fluffy family members, then these are the breeds of dogs that are guaranteed to love your cats.

Basset Hound

If you’re going to get a canine pal for your kitty, then it might be best to choose one with a similar temperament. And no one has more a stubborn, independent nature like a cat than a good ol’ droopy basset hound. Both cats and bassets can lazily curl up side by side for some solid nap time. This kind of dog is especially good around calmer adult cats.

Bichon Frise

Here’s a breed of dog that may even be out-sized by their feline companion. But the bichon frise is an incredibly active and boisterous little thing, so you don’t need to worry about it feeling threatened. These dogs don’t like being left alone so a small cat is the perfect little friend for when you’re out for long periods of the day. They also both love sleeping.


Beagles are typical hunting dogs that thrive in packs. Luckily for cats, beagles view them as part of the pack. Another plus is that beagles, with their active and work-like nature, get bored pretty easily, so having a buddy to distract them will really do them good. Once again, its best to socialize beagles and cats (and other dogs) at the youngest age possible.


These small dogs love to be playful, so pairing them with a little kitty is totally fine. These little things fit in anywhere, be it a large family on a ranch or a small studio, these attention-loving pooches will be happy around a cat, especially an energetic one.

Golden Retriever

The goldie is the go-to family dog. It’s the kind of dog that is built for family, and with family comes all sorts of different members. Still, it’s wise to do the introduction phase for any dog before it’s the age of four months old. While retrievers do have a friendly nature, teaching the dog to cohabitate makes all parties feel more at ease.

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