We live in a strange time.

We’re fatter than ever – yet popular media is saturated with skinny. Nutritional advice changes every year leaving us bewildered and confused.

How did it get to be so complicated?

ImDiet is all about filtering the best of diet news and advice – and combining it with real-world application and opinion. The whole spectrum is covered – everything from body image to fast food.

The Premise

The basis of weight management is good nutrition and exercise. But that is so simplistic that it’s almost patronizing. As an “instant-gratification” society it’s no wonder we reach for every quick fix we can find. When the quick-fixes fail – opinions get cynical, self-image can plummet, and many people begin a vicious cycle of loss and re-gain.

Different things work for different people. Nutrition is individualistic. It’s easy to criticize everything except that which worked for me – but that’s not particularly helpful.

Eating healthily, and learning to use the best of the nutritional advice that’s out there is a good thing. Falling into disordered/obsessional eating is nota good thing. The concept of dieting is not a good thing (going on and off diets all the time).

“The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.” – B. Wansink

Other Stuff

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