Simple Ways to Prep Your Bedroom for Fall

Leaves changing colors, cozy scarves, pumpkin spice lattes — there are no reasons to not love fall. No matter what bikini babes tell you, it is the most Instagram-worthy season of all. Here are a few simple ways to give your bedroom the seasonal spark of the best season of the year.

Cover those pillow

Summer is all about bright colors that remind you of the beach. Fall is all about warm colors that remind you of the comfort of your favorite sweater. Get some new fall-colored pillow covers (which are a lot more affordable than getting all new pillows) and watch them cozy-up the room. Bonus points if the covers are velvet or another soft-textured material.


Smells like fall

Let all your senses know fall is here with a new scent. You can use scented candles or aromatic oil diffusers. You can go all the way with warm and comforting scents such as lavender, musk, or cinnamon, and you can switch it up with your personal taste. It’s your room after all.

Flannel sheets

Most bedrooms feature a bed as the centerpiece, obviously. So the beddings you use to cover it greatly affect the room and really tie it together. Since the key-word in interior design for fall is “cozy”, your bed should be the furniture to best represent it, and flannel sheets are the way to do it. They have a softer, more comforting texture, and they are obviously a better fit for cooler temperatures. Bonus points for plaid prints or foliage tones.


Play with plants

Do you have some houseplants that survived the summer? Great. Now move them around. Maybe place them on the windowsill instead of the nightstand. You can also paint the pots where they live with fall-colored acrylics to give them a new, season-appropriate look.

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